Grooming resolutions to stick to in 2021

Grooming resolutions to stick to in 2021

Author: Nick Carvell

We’re firmly of the opinion that the reason so many new year’s resolutions fail to be kept is that they’re simply too hard - at least that’s the excuse we’ve got for not managing to go Keto since NYE 2015. However, there are some resolutions out there that result in a noticeable pay-off despite being incredibly simple to incorporate into your everyday life. Skincare, for example. Whether it’s dryness, oiliness or a tendency to spots, there are certain frustrations we all have with our faces that can be definitely soothed and potentially solved by just adding a well-placed product or two into your grooming routine. And, whaddya know, we’ve got just the duos below to help - and it won’t take until this time next year to see the results.

Fight fine lines
Those little creases that creep onto our faces are caused by our skin losing elasticity as we get older. To counter this, you need products that drench your face with moisture. For this, use a combination of our Rewind Moisturiser (which is formulated specifically to keep skin tight and firm) and Eye Cream (which hydrates as well as protect your skin from the aging effect of UV exposure) both in the morning and before bed after cleansing your face.

Rewind Moisturiser
Eye Cream

Attack oiliness
Oil is a natural part of your skin’s self-defence, but excess oil can be a real bummer. Not only can it feel uncomfortable, but it can also lead to whiteheads if left unchecked. Rather than try to strip it away by over cleansing (trust us, this will only lead to your skin producing more oil), look for products that help bring harmony to your skin and inject it with the right kind of moisture. Our Black Clay Face Mask is a real superhero: used a couple of times a week, not only does it
nourish and absorb excess oils, but it also helps to unclog your pores (which, when blocked, leads to spots). Pair that up with our Rebalancing Moisturiser, which is specially formulated to calm skin and recalibrate its PH levels).

Black Clay Face Mask
Rebalancing Moisturiser

Declare war on dry skin
Whether it’s seasonal or year-round, dry skin is itchy and annoying - and can result in little red patches, especially if you’re a scratcher. The key to combating it is to gently scrub, then soothe, soothe, soothe. Use our High Exfoliator (a creamy lotion packed with natural seeds) sparingly once or twice a week to slough off any dead cells, and follow it with our silky Moisturiser & Serum cream, which helps skin look plumper and smoother, as well as leaving it hydrated all
day long.

High Exfoliator
Moisturiser & Serum


Battle blackheads
Blackheads are caused by all manner of day-to-day gunk getting caught up in your pores, so in order to take them on, you need products that can get that detritus outta there. First up, our Light Exfoliator, which gently buffs your skin and helps remove spot-causing bacteria, as well as tightening your pores to ensure less gunk gets into them. Secondly, our fresh and cooling Aloe
Vera Gel Face Mask, which breaks down dead skin cells that can lead to clogged pores.

Light Exfoliator
Aloe Vera Gel Face Mask