Relationship goals - but, you know, for your face

Relationship goals - but, you know, for your face

Author: Nick Carvell


Valentine’s Day is on the horizon - which means we’re just about to hit peak couple chat, well, everywhere. However, whether you’re in a relationship or not, there’s something to be said for thinking about twosomes. While we’re proud of all of our products in their own right, you’ll find that they wield even more transformative power when you use more than one on a daily basis, as the powerful ingredients work together to solve your skin concerns.

Of course, there are hundreds of combinations you could choose from and - while you can’t put a foot wrong when it comes to mixing and matching our items - we know the sheer amount of choice can feel daunting. This got us thinking: at a time of the year when everyone’s talking about pairing up, what are the most potent pairs of products we could put together? Whether you need to look for something for a man in your life or you just fancy investing in a little self care this Valentine’s Day, here are some power couples for you to consider - and the kind of guy they work for.


For the guy you'd like to spend some quality time with

Owing to the current circumstances, you might be spending every waking moment with the man you want to buy for - but how much of it is quality time where you really get to connect, rather than zoning out next to each other on the couch in front of the next Netflix boxset? If you want some proper time to connect together, a joint face mask session will do the trick. Slather it on each other and have a laugh with it - chat about everything and nothing for ten minutes while the mask works its magic. Our Peppermint Gel Face Mask and Green Clay Face Mask are a great twosome - the former, with its zingy menthol scent for when you want a perk-me-up at the end of the work day, and the latter, with luxurious creamy texture, for when you both want to relax on the weekend.


For the guy who is glued to his computer

His eyes are tired. His body is tired. His whole damn soul is tired. What he needs is a combination that’ll perk him up both physically and mentally. Our Rewind Moisturiser, which will tighten and firm, will not only deeply moisturise his skin, but it’s also got a coffee scent for an added kick in the morning. Follow it up with our Eye Gel, which not only reduces puffiness, but also has essential oils that will help to hydrate eyes that have dried out from staring into a screen all-day.


For the guy going on runs

If the man we’re talking about is still braving the elements to keep in shape, he’s going to need some added protection. First up, our SPF 30 Protective Moisturiser is an essential piece of kit that’ll not only help guard his skin against the damaging effects of UV rays (yes, these are still a thing even on cloudy days), but it will also help to fight off toxins such as pollution in the environment. After his run, slide a pot of our intensely hydrating Green Tea and Clay Face Mask his way. Smooth on, leave for ten minutes and let the ingredients get to work: antioxidant Green tea will help to combat the fine lines caused by sun damage and Dead Sea Mud will help exfoliate any dry patches from wind-whipped skin.


For the guy who could do with some downtime

The trouble with working from home is that it’s tricky to turn off in the evening. For guys who are feeling drained and in need of some proper self-care, this combo provides all the skin nourishment for body and mind that he needs. First up, our Black Clay Face Mask is not only a spot-beating superhero, but it also has a gradual warming sensation he can’t help but relax into. Once that’s washed off after 10 minutes, our Eye Cream is a real wellness wingman. Gently dab on (a superbly soothing process in itself) and it’ll drench your under eye area with moisture to keep any developing bags at bay.


For the guy who isn’t getting out much right now

Whether it’s the weather or workload keeping him indoors, the result is his skin is being blasted with dry, centrally heated air almost 24/7 - meaning he’s probably feeling a little dry. Counter this by giving him a duo that’s designed to exfoliate and hydrate. Our Caffeine High Exfoliator is a rich, super-textured paste (with a frankly incredible coffee scent) that sloughs away dead cells. It’s great prep for our Moisturiser and Serum, which not only hydrates but, thanks to Argan Oil, also helps reduce the amount of oil his skin is producing as it overcompensates for any dryness (meaning he’s less likely to get spots).


For the guy who wants to try something a little different

Valentine’s Day might be about relationships - but, in 2021, that’s not necessarily about couples. How about a solid trio instead? This triad works together to keep his skin feeling refreshed long-term. Our Light Exfoliator gently buffs and smooths his face, prepping it for our Rebalancing Moisturiser, which is loaded with vitamins A,B,C,D and E along with Beta Carotene (courtesy of carrot extract) to keep skin healthy. Our Peppermint Face Mask is the perfect addition to this twosome, with it’s zingy, eye-opening menthol effect. Our advice is to mix it up and apply it in the morning while you brush your teeth. No better way to start the day.