The story behind The Other Saint

The story behind The Other Saint

Author: Sean Holman
Co-Founder, The Other Saint


The Other Saint was born out of a simple observation. As men, we eat carefully, we try to keep in shape, we try to keep our stress-levels down, but our skin is something that we don’t really spend a lot of time thinking about - despite it being something all of us see in the mirror every single day.


In fact, unless you’ve struggled with acne in your teens and twenties, your skin is only something you tend to notice when you see it changing in your thirties and forties. We all have a moment when this happens. For some of my friends it was when they noticed a little wrinkle or a patch of looser skin - gentle reminders that we need to look after our skin as we age.

For me this realisation happened while I was up a mountain on a ski holiday, chatting to a doctor. As I raised my goggles to reveal some particularly impressive panda eyes, he told me that the main cause of premature aging with men’s skin is sun damage, and that a moisturiser with SPF (sun protection factor) is the very best thing you can apply on a daily basis to help prevent this, not to mention more serious conditions such as skin cancer.

It stuck with me that this was something that could be so easily added to any man’s daily grooming routine, but could have such a huge impact on futureproofing your skin - and yet I couldn’t find many out there for men that were fit for purpose. Much to her annoyance, I started using my partner Zoe’s SPF moisturiser, until we got to the point where we thought perhaps we should work together on one of our own. In time, this became our Moisturiser with SPF 30. Packed with Vitamin E to fight off toxins in the environment, grapeseed oil (an antioxidant), Octocrylene (which tightens pores and minimises the look of age and sun-damaged skin) and Titanium Dioxide (which protects skin from harmful Ultra Violet).


Of course, once you’ve created one product you wish existed, it’s hard to stop. That’s why you’ll find fifteen products in our first drop, including eye creams, serums, face masks and scrubs.

All designed to help you get the best skin of your life and protect it for years to come. Plus, as we’ve been able to create these products from scratch right here in the UK, we’ve been able to do so with features that are important to us, such as avoiding plastic microbeads that damage our marine life and pollute the food chain, going totally vegan with our ingredients, eliminating all unnecessary packaging and ensuring that our jars are completely biodegradable. It’s not going to save the world overnight, but it’s a start - and, just like your skincare routine, it’s all about making small changes that give real results in the long-run.


Look good, do good.