Why you should get into face masks

Why you should get into face masks

Author: Nick Carvell

Cultivate a grooming habit that will not only help de-stress your brain, but also results in healthy looking, vibrant skin all day long.

When you see an ad from a big-name grooming brand, it’s always about how the product can make your grooming routine quicker - whether that’s combining 47 skin-improving effects in one tube or shaving off your beard in record-breaking time. No wonder men are stressed. Even a part of our day that’s supposed to be about taking time for yourself is pitched as something to rush though before rushing off to work, the school run or the gym - or all three. Of course, it shouldn’t be this way. Self-care should be an essential element of your grooming routine, not just as a way to care for your body, but also to care for your mind - and face masks are an easy, downright superb way to incorporate this.


Before you think it, yes you can make a face mask into something totally self-indulgent. After a tough day in the office, don’t knock the power of slathering on a deeply nourishing face mask, sparking up a candle, kicking back with Netflix and letting one of these bad boys do their work for a quarter of an hour. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, face masks are an excellent way to relax in the evening, but they can also be used to perk yourself up in the morning while you prep for the day ahead.


Take our range of three Gel Face Masks (Purifying, Peppermint and Aloe Vera) which are each packed with everything your skin needs to start the morning right: hibiscus to break-down dead skin, mango to naturally exfoliate, Gotu Kola extract to heal.

All of these are especially important to keep your skin feeling suitably supple as the weather gets colder and your skin inevitably gets drier. Whichever you go for, apply generously and let ‘em work their zingy magic for five minutes while you brush your teeth, trim your stubble, chase the kids around the kitchen trying to put their shoes on before the school run - you know, the usual.

This is one of the many reasons why we here at The Other Saint have launched with a whole host of face masks as a part of our line - whether you need to hydrate, detoxify or fight the effects of aging, we have one to suit. Plus, unlike many you’ll find out there, ours all come as a smooth, clay or gel for multiple applications in a biodegradable pot, rather than preloaded onto a single-use sheet that will just end up in landfill. Whichever you go for, and whenever you choose to use it, a few minutes every few days with one of our face masks will result in de-stressed, healthy looking skin and a de-stressed mind that’s ready to take on anything the day might throw at you.


Look good, do good.


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