Brand Philosophy

The Other Saint is made for men that want natural, vegan friendly skincare products without having to compromise on results.

Environmentally considerate yet product performance driven, we partnered with experts in the men’s skincare industry to create an advanced ethical face care range for men.

Paying particular attention to the daily effect of the elements (e.g. UV rays) on premature ageing, we have taken a simple two-pronged approach to face care; repair your skin and prevent further damage. Firstly, we help to repair damage already done to your skin, then secondly, we help to protect your skin from further damage, all by using a variety of natural derived actives & antioxidants. 

While Saints were well known for their miraculous acts, they were also revered for their patience and virtue. The Other Saint offers a more gradual miracle, with daily improvements delivered in an ethically virtuous approach to men’s face care and designed to give you healthy skin that glows. After all, healthy skin is attractive.

We empower men to put their journey to youthful skin on auto-pilot with our advanced men’s skincare range that is effective in its performance, yet kind in its environmental impact. 

The Other Saint’s high-end formulations are made from no-compromise vegan formulae using only plant and mineral based ingredients — none of which have ever been tested on animals. Clean, plant-based and effective, these essential skincare solutions help you to look and feel your best. 

Looking after your skin is not self-indulgence, it’s self-preservation. Start your journey to naturally outstanding skin today.