Sustainability & Ethics

While there’s inevitably a cost to looking good, we don’t believe nature should have to pick up the bill. Healthy skin shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment — that wouldn’t be very Saintly — instead our view on sustainability is a holistic and progressive one.

All of our natural skincare products are housed in textured, aesthetically pleasing marbled pots, that are pleasing to the eye but most importantly 100% compostable. These tubs are made from FSC-Certified wood and plant materials and can be fully recycled through industrial composting, which we’re more than happy to do on your behalf. Get in touch here for more information.



As our name implies, our approach is honest and we don’t pretend to be anything we’re not. The Other Saint is off to a green start, but we’re aware there’s always room for improvement and we’re striving towards that. Our goal is to gain the trust of our customers’ through increased transparency at every stage of sourcing, production – and disposal – of the products you love. 

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