Why it was important for us to have sustainable packaging…and why we’ve still got more work to do
Look, first and foremost we’re here to make sure you feel your most handsome, most relaxed self every day. However, when we set up The Other Saint we wanted to do better than other companies out there not just with the quality of our products, but also with the packaging they arrive at your door in.
One of the things we’ve always found infuriating about the brands you see on the shelves, is the sheer amount of waste, not just from individual boxes and fancy labels that get tossed into the bin immediately, but also when it comes to the jars, bottles and tubes, a large percentage of which are made from non-recyclable plastics, all of which is destined for landfill.
We wanted to find a way to make sure our products did better for the environment while still looking suitably show-off-able huddled together on your bathroom shelf.
The result are our tactile little jars made from renewable FSC-certified wood and plant material to create jars and lids that feel like ceramic, but are fully recyclable through industrial composting. Although, to be perfectly honest, we think these are such good looking pieces of design that we wouldn’t blame you for just washing them out and using them to store your stuff in - they make excellent homes for cufflinks, FYI.

That said, we're fully aware that many councils throughout the UK don't (yet) offer an industrial composting service. To help out with this issue, WE will recycle the pots for you. All you need to do is get in touch here once you have accumulated 6 or more pots, we will then organise a courier to collect them from you. This is a free service and as a thanks for helping towards saving our planet, we will reward you with a voucher code for £10 off your next purchase.

Because our jars are bio- degradable, they wont leach dangerous toxins into our ecosystem like other brands’ disposables do - because, you know, they’re not made of plastic. Even glass which is considered by many to be better than plastic will still leach toxins into the ground for years to come if they are not recycled and lets face it, how much of the stuff we happily send off in the recycling bin does actually get recycled?!
It is said that in years to come when archaeologists excavate the ground that we currently inhabit that a layer of plastic will be present due to our current throw away lifestyle and we have all probably seen the heat breaking image of the sea horse and the cotton bud - An image paints a thousand words…

Which brings us to our labels. Full disclosure: we’re not quite where we want to be on this just yet. They are printed on plastic but we are currently working on being able to print directly onto the jars themselves with vegetable inks, therefore eliminating another piece of plastic. 

Rest assured though, the labels we currently use are fully recyclable and its ‘the best of a bad bunch’ as it will ‘only’ take 20-30 years to degrade if and when it does make it into the ground, where as some plastics used by our competitors will take up to 500 years to degrade if at all.
Also as part of our design process we have eliminated any unnecessary packaging - our jars don’t come in separate individual boxes or wrapped in plastic film as these will ultimately go in the bin within seconds of them being opened. We do have a standard size mailing box which has inserts combinations for 1 to 4 products which keeps the amount
in the recycling bin to a minimum.
We do hope that in the very near future to be able to deliver our products to you in fully bio degradable packaging – for the moment though this is work in progress. 

We know we’ve still got work to do but we’re starting out as we mean to go on; by being honest and transparent with you. We’re proud of what we’ve done so far as its more than most but we acknowledge that we can still do more.
As a new brand our journey starts here - and we hope you’ll join us. 

Look good, do good.